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Classes (in both English & Spanish)

Latin Dance
AfroCuban Dance

$13 per class

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Individual Private Lessons, 1 hour
$60 for women; $70 for men

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$200 for women; $240 for men

Couple Private Lessons
$110 for 1 hour
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Latin Dance Class Levels

Beginner (Copper): No dance experience required. Introduction to the principles of Latin dancing. The Beginner class introduces you to the rhythm and timing of the music. You will learn basic footwork, posture/dance positions, and connections between partners. You will learn easy dance patterns that include single front right and left turns and more.

Intermediate (Silver): One Beginner series or instructor approval required. The Intermediate level helps you build upon the basics. You will learn the Caribbean rhythms inherent in merengue, salsa, bachata, cha-cha-cha, mambo, etc. as well as technique in leading and following. You will be introduced to simple variations and patterns to supplement your dancing, cross body leads, back breaks, and turns in connection with your partner.

Advanced (Gold): Instructor approval required. In the Advanced class you will perfect your style and positions, turn techniques, doubles, and triple turns. You will learn complex variations of patterns, syncopated footwork, body isolations, combinations of Latin rhythms, and much more.

AfroCuban Dance

Cuban native René Thompson teaches the AfroCuban dance traditions he learned from his mother and grandmother. AfroCuban dance is the ancestor of Cuban rumba, which is the forerunner of Cuban salsa. You will learn the AfroCuban history and orishas related to the dance patterns as well as Cuban rumba and how it relates to contemporary salsa dance.